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At JarBong3D, we're redefining your smoking experience with innovation and style. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional bongs and embrace our game-changing 3D printed Jar Bong attachments.

If you're new to the world of Jar Bongs, learn more about them here!

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  • 🧼 Easy Assembly, Easy Cleaning

    Say goodbye to complicated setups and stubborn cleaning sessions. The JarBong3D Kit is a breeze to assemble, and the detachable components make cleaning a cinch, unlike traditional bongs that are difficult to maintain.

    Cleaning Instructions 
  • 🎨 Endless Customization

    Express your unique style with a Jar Bong that matches your vibe. We offer a wide variety of eye-catching designs and colors that are effortlessly interchangeable, making it a breeze to switch it up for that personal touch.

  • 🫙 Versatile Design

    Designed to fit any standard mason jar, these attachments instantly transform everyday jars into stylish and functional bongs. Plans for large mouth compatibility in the future will expand the range of suitable jars.

  • ♻️ Eco-Friendly Materials

    We care about the planet as much as you do. Our JarBong3D products are made from PLA plastic, a bio-plastic derived from renewable resources. Experience the joy of smoking while contributing to a sustainable future.

  • 🏕️Portability

    Enjoy the freedom to take your bong anywhere. On top of being easily disassembled, JarBong3D Kits are also lightweight and durable, making your smoking setup effortlessly portable. Wherever you go, your unique style follows.

  • 🌿 Unique Designs for Every Taste

    From whimsical to edgy, JarBong3D caters to all styles and preferences.

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Find your Favorite!

Explore our expanding range of designs to discover a JarBong3D that fits your style perfectly. Find a piece that not only elevates your smoking experience but also adds a touch of personal flair to your collection. Happy browsing!


New Designs!

Starting soon, we will be releasing new designs every month, so there's always something fresh in store!

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Enhanced Cooling

Some of our designs include multiple channels for the smoke to pass through. As the smoke travels through these channels, it encounters increased surface area, which helps dissipate heat more efficiently.

Jar Bong Tops

More Bubbles!

Our Downstems are designed with multiple holes at the outlet to increase the diffusion of smoke into the water, creating a more efficient cooling and filtration process.

Downstem Collection