Alright, so Jar Bongs are kind of a new thing, and not everyone knows about them yet. We think it's because not many people are aware of what they are. If you're in the dark about Jar Bongs, no worries! We've got all the details for you, including a side-by-side with the regular bongs you might be used to.

What is a Jar Bong?

Jar Bongs are a fresh take on traditional smoking devices, offering a convenient and user-friendly experience. Functioning like regular bongs, their standout feature is easy cleaning – simply detach the Bong Top and clean the jar without the hassle of murky, hard-to-reach spaces.

Designed to fit standard mason jars, these attachments transform your everyday jars into stylish and functional bongs. The future holds plans for large mouth compatibility, expanding the range of suitable jars.

Beyond convenience, Jar Bongs prioritize portability and storage ease, making them perfect for on-the-go adventures or discreet home use. Light, versatile, and easygoing, Jar Bongs redefine the smoking experience.

One on One Comparison

🥊Jar Bongs vs. Traditional Bongs🥊


When it comes to cleaning, the Jar Bong takes the lead with its user-friendly design.

Unlike traditional glass bongs that often come in one piece, posing challenges for thorough cleaning, our Jar Bongs offer a hassle-free solution. The removable design allows you to wash the jar as you would any other dish.

However, since we prioritize sustainability using PLA plastic, derived from renewable resources, our plastic components require hand washing. Avoiding the dishwasher prevents any warping that may occur due to high heat.

Cleaning is a breeze – a simple soapy rinse usually suffices, or for a deeper clean, a gentle scrub does the trick, leaving your Jar Bong pristine for the next session!


While traditional glass bongs boast inherent durability with their thick glass construction, our Jar Bong products are engineered with durability as a top priority.

Acknowledging the sturdiness of glass, we've committed ourselves to continuous improvement in design to ensure our products stand the test of time. Before releasing a design, we run a series of tests to ensure each product reaches our standard for durability.

Rest assured, with each innovation, we strive to deliver a durable and reliable smoking experience for our customers.


In the world of aesthetics, preferences vary widely. Traditional bongs showcase intricate glasswork, but often at a substantial cost. Enter Jar Bongs, offering a canvas for personalized creativity without breaking the bank. Embrace the freedom of customization at a reasonable price, catering to the unique tastes of every individual.


When it comes to convenience, the Jar Bong truly stands out.

Lightweight, portable, and designed for easy assembly, storage, and cleaning, they redefine the smoking experience. In contrast, traditional bongs can lean towards bulkiness, making them less versatile and potentially cumbersome in various settings.

Elevate your convenience with Jar Bongs – a seamless blend of practicality and portability.


While classic glass bongs hold a special place in our hearts, the time is ripe for the emergence of the next generation.

Enter the future of smoking with 3D printing technology – a game-changer in crafting sweet bongs. Unleashing the full potential of intricate designs that were once impossible with conventional methods, we embrace the innovative spirit of 3D printing to redefine the smoking experience.

Join us on the cutting edge of design and functionality as we help pioneer the evolution of bongs.

Plastic Downstems

Most Downstems out there are just basic glass tubes, but we thought, why not make them look cool too? Our Downstems are like your regular 4.5" Downstems, with a male (18mm) to female (14mm) connection – but with a touch of artistic flair!

JarBong3D Downstems

Premium Filtration and Easy Clean

Our Downstems have extra holes at the bottom to spread the smoke through the water for a smoother hit. Since we use PLA plastic, they're eco-friendly but require hand washing. If it ever gets clogged, those extra holes make it easy to clear with a toothpick or something similar.