JarBong3D Kits

🌿 Your All-in-One Smoking Companion 🌿

Unleash the ultimate smoking experience with our JarBong3D Kit. Crafted for those who demand innovation, style, and convenience, this all-in-one kit is designed to elevate your smoking rituals to new heights. 

Standout Features:

🎁All-Inclusive Package: The JarBong3D Kit includes everything you need to get the job done - one 16oz mason jar, a glass herb bowl, and your choice of JarBong3D Top with matching Downstem. 

🔄Easy Assembly, Easy Disassembly: Say goodbye to complicated setups and stubborn cleaning sessions. The JarBong3D Kit is a breeze to assemble, and the detachable components make cleaning a cinch.

♻️Eco-Friendly Materials: We care about the planet as much as you do. Our JarBong3D products are made from PLA plastic, a bio-plastic derived from renewable resources, promising sustainability without compromising on style.

🎨Limitless Customization: Express your unique style with a Jar Bong that matches your vibe. Our kits are available with any of our eye-catching 3D printed JarBong3D Tops. Effortlessly swap designs from our JarBong3D Tops & Downstem collections for a personalized touch.

💥Enjoy an Exclusive Deal💥 Get 15% off a JarBong3D Top with the purchase of any JarBong3D Kit.

Ready to Elevate your Smoking Style? The JarBong3D Kit is not just a smoking tool; it's a statement piece. Add your preferred kit to your cart now and step into a world where style meets functionality. Shop today and redefine your smoking experience! 🌀

Mix and Match

You can effortlessly switch up the colors and designs of both the Bong Tops and Downstems, creating a customized smoking experience that's as unique as you are. Get creative and mix and match your way to the perfect piece!

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